Most of us from time to time have put things down our drains that we have regretted later. Usually the regret is because we now need to call a drain service company like Drain Visions, LLC to fix it. Doing a little bit of preventive maintenance and routine drain cleaning can help you avoid a lot of the emergency type situations. Depending on which type of drain will depend on the preventive maintenance measures you should follow.

When in the kitchen, be careful what food you allow to go down your drain. Pasta, potatoes and grease for example, can easily clog your drain line. To perform at home drain cleaning you can use baking soda and vinegar followed by boiling water to flush lines. When there is a buildup of such things as grease in your lines, you may need to call in a drain service professional to perform a thorough drain cleaning for you. They will perform a drain line inspection and determine what type of drain service should be used to clear your clogged drain. Tougher clogs may need a drain jetting service, which is a high pressure of water jet blasting your clog away.

When dealing with a bathroom drain, either the sink or the bathtub, the most common type of clogs are due to a buildup of soap and hair. Cleaning your screens on a regular basis in your bathtub drains can help to prevent the hair clog. The toilets end up getting a backup of toilet paper, wipes, feminine products, or even the occasional toy. Many times, these types of clogs will not be able to be cleared with a simple plunger. Using caution when using excess amounts of toilet paper or putting wipes down your toilet can prevent most of these clogs from happening. We don’t recommend using the chemicals to clear your clogs. A lot of the chemicals that you can purchase, may also damage your pipes instead of clearing your clog. Drain Visions is always available to provide service to get your drains flowing free once again.

Most of all drains can remain clear with regular maintenance. Drain Visions offers many different preventive maintenance plans that could include the hydro water jetting to make sure you have the longer lasting drain cleaning. When you are unsure of what service you will need or as preventive measures, you can have Drain Visions service technician discuss this with you while on site, so you will be sure to get the correct drain service for your needs. We always offer free estimates to our customers before any drain services are performed.

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