It’s that time of year. The students and teachers are back in the school building and the backups begin. The maintenance staff attempts to clear the lines, but after hours of work, you decide it is time to call in the professionals. Here at Drain Visions we specialize in commercial clients. Our focus has been on clearing and preventing back ups in the future. Our trained technicians respond with all the equipment needed to assist your school district in cleaning your sewer and storm lines. When we arrive on site we will conduct an assessment of the situation, keep you informed of what we believe the first step is and work to complete the first task. Additional to providing sewer cleaning machines, cameras, locating equipment, and jetting equipment, our trained professionals work to keep the area clean and safe.

Once the clog is cleared, we can confirm this with a video pipe inspection. The video pipe inspection allows for you to determine if there is a problem in the line or it was a standard clog. If we do locate a problem, we can pinpoint by depth and within inches were the problem is located using our high tech locating equipment. Drain Visions is proud to offer state of the art equipment and trained professionals that are ready to serve your school at the time of need. When you have a clog, call the professionals. We are here to help you and your team succeed. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are experiencing sewer line backups, drain clogs or plumbing issues and need assistance call Drain Visions at (856) 848-1199 or use the form below.

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