It’s Friday night at 6:00 P.M. and your restaurant’s kitchen is backing up from the grease trap. As you panic to try and save the dinner hour, you now must struggle to find someone to help unclog the kitchen drain lines.

Drain Visions offers full service and preventative maintenance programs to help reduce inconvenient grease and sewer line backups. Our trained technicians can develop a program to help reduce grease trap backups and maintain service during your busy times. We offer grease trap cleanings, jetting, snaking, and chemical solutions to attack heavy grease. Our industrial and commercial grade grease and sewer snaking machines will break up and flush the grease away.

Call us today for a free no obligation walk through to find out how you can save on costly grease backups and develop a kitchen maintenance program that will help maintain kitchen operations. We offer after hours service that will not disrupt the service operation of the kitchen.

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