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Drain Clog Removal of Wipes Brands Drain VisionsThere are many types of residential and commercial drain clogs in South Jersey. Drain Visions services thousands of plumbing, jetting, and property inspection customers each year. We’re called to inspect sewer lines and unclog drains. Once of the most commonly occurring drain clog removal requests is for wipes.

Wipes are our best friends for normal everyday activities. From cleaning up a spill to disinfecting a bathrooms, wipes consume us in terms of their convenience. When using wipes however, it is important to avoid sending them down your sewer line in South New Jersey or Philadelphia. Wipes begin to collect in the pipe and create a blockage in your sewer line. Clogged lines will result in toilet backups and plugged plumbing lines. Drain Visions provides expert drain clog removal of wipes.

Drain Clog Removal of Wipes

Companies that manufacture wipes claim that they are ‘flushable’, but there is no current agreement on this claim. Wipes very frequently stay intact after flushing. They do not dissovle or biodegrade. In your home plumbing system, they catch on lines, deposits and and other materials in the drain lines.

Drain Clog Removal of Wipes Sewer Drain Visions

‘Flushable’ wipes being removed from sewer line

As they get trapped in plumbing lines, wipes accumulate into ‘fatbergs’ which cause clogs. In addition these new clogs in turn cause sewage backups, basement flooding and overflows. These disasters create a sewage mess for both home owners and business owners. In addition, an accumulation of wipes in sewer lines can cause further issues downstream. For example, wipes can cause the breakdown of pumps in pumping station. A breakdown study performed by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics industry (INDA) resulted in the identification of several flushed consumer products.

The results from 3 different field studies found the following breakdown of flushed products:

47% – non-flushable paper
18% – non-flushable baby wipes
13% – Non-flushable feminine hygiene products
14% Non-flushable household wipes
8% – Flushable wipes

Drain Clog Removal with Drain Visions

As you can see, hardly any ‘flushable wipes’ make up the the bulk of the found substrates. It’s important to note that wipes cause a variety of problems for your drain lines. Because of this, many problems such as clogs, overflown toilets, sewer backups and basement flooding can occur. Prevent many of these problems with a video inspection. This is where Drain Visions is called to inspect the inside of your lines using a video camera. Many new homeowners order this service for example, to inspect lines on a new home or property purchase.

Drain Visions of south New Jersey and Philadelphia provides trained professionals to remove all clogs, toilet blocks and plugged plumbing lines. We use snake cables and jetting equipment to break up and remove the wipes from the drain line. Drain Visions also performs hydro water-jetting and full sewer line maintenance. We service all of South Jersey including: Marlton, Moorestown, Voorhees, Medford and Cherry Hill.

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