Seasonal Homes Require Drain Line Maintenance

Do you own a seasonal home or property? Do you often rent out your beach house or house in the mountains? Will the property end up sitting for a period of time, unoccupied? If so, then this might provide some guidance on a system that is often overlooked when winterizing a property or letting a property sit stagnant or unoccupied for a period of time.

Now it is somewhat common knowledge the pipes that would be considered common water lines would have the water removed or evacuated from the piping in a variety of ways including using an air compressor. The air compressor is used to blow out the remaining water from the pipes in your house where there may be a concern of freezing or as part of a winterization program.

Something not often thought about or considered is what to do with the drain lines within a residence or property that is going to sit for a period of time.

Considerations When Choosing How to Protect Your Drainage System:

  1. Frequent or recent back ups
  2. Known defects within the plumbing system
  3. Fixtures that don’t function as they should
  4. Length and Duration of the inactivity

1. Back ups – Now frequent and recent back ups may be a sign or a more chronic condition in your drain line or it may have just been a one off. However, it may benefit you to ensure that your drain line that was previously backed up is free of any debris, standing water, and not in the process of clogging again. In these instances I would recommend a video pipe inspection as part of your closing down process. Getting eyes inside the drain line can ease your mind of no potential clogs lurking as you close up.

2. Known defects – If you are aware of defects in your drain line such as a belly or sag that holds water, root infiltration, or even a section of broken pipe. It would be in your best interest to not only get your drain cleaned. Using our tools and technology to remove these defects or repair the defects, you can close up shop knowing that when you return there’s nothing waiting for you.

3. Fixtures – Ensure that all fixtures are running and operating as they should. If need be hiring a plumber to replace that drippy faucet although timing may not be convenient in the end it’s about preventing further or long term problems. Check around the base of toilets, sinks, and water heaters along with any water connections to ensure no leaks or visible water.

4. Length of inactivity – Is your property going to sit for a weekend, a couple weeks, or a few months? The duration of down time for your property will indicate to what extent you need to prepare your plumbing system. This is when you can call the professionals at Drain Visions to talk over your property and how to set it up for a seamless transition.

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