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Are you a realtor located in Philadelphia, New Jersey or Delaware? If so, this blog is for you. During the real estate contract phase, soon to be homeowners can negotiate an inspection period to be built into their contract. During this inspection phase, buyers will have a home inspection completed. Oftentimes this does not include the main sewer line leading out of the home. Why is this important for realtors?

Customers rely on their realtor to be fair, honest, and trustworthy. One of our recent customers did not perform a main sewer line inspection during their home purchase in Gloucester County, New Jersey. A few weeks after closing, the new home owners were shocked that they had a sewer line clog. Our team of trained drain professionals responded and determined that their main sewer line underneath their basement floor was broken. We determined this by using our advanced drain vision sewer camera line inspection.

Due to the broken sewer line, the basement slab had to be broken apart and a new sewer line placed in. New home owners in New Jersey are faced with this decision everyday. As a realtor you can prevent these situations from occurring and help the buyers negotiate repairs if needed.

If you are a realtor or mortgage broker that would like to learn more about plumbing inspections, pool leak detection, and overall sewer line & drain health, we can help! Our management team can present a short 10 minute presentation on these topics important to the home buying process. To help you learn more about broken sewer drains in New Jersey, our team can utilize Zoom or in person meetings to help your team understand the process of a video pipe inspection. This information, coupled with the services Drain Visions provides, will be invaluable to you and your clients.

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