What can cause sewer drain clogs? 

In many instances, there is debris, such as paper products or feminine hygiene products causing an obstruction in the drain lines.  Tree roots and broken drain pipes can also cause your sewer system to drain improperly.  Drain Visions offers treatments and equipment to remove the roots.

What should I look for to know we have sewer drain clogs?

Main sewer drain clogs usually cause a backup of your drainage system inside your home.  You may hear a gurgling sound coming from your drains.  When you flush the toilet, water could come up in your tub or shower or bubbling from your toilet and faucets.  Depending on the type of clog, Drain Visions can use a drain cable or even hydro water jetting to blast away that clog.

Could a drain problem cause sewer flies (which resemble fruit flies)?

Self-sealing water traps are on every plumbing fixture storing approximately 2 cups of water below the piping and fixture.  When the line is not being used or there is a crack causing no water in the pipe, odors and flies can escape.  Pour two gallons of hot water into a drain line that is seldom used and treat with bleach.  If the flies continue, there may be a potential problem in your drain line or trap.   Drain Vision’s highly trained technicians will assist in diagnosing the issue.

After using a chemical product and a drain cable unsuccessfully on my drain, could the problem be in the township’s sewer main?

 If you’ve ran a cable down your drain line and it’s still backing up, Drain Visions should perform a video pipe inspection on your drainage system.   For example, there could be tree roots in your drain lines that the cable might just push aside so you’ll still have a problem since all the roots are not removed.   There is always a possibility that the city sewer is backing up, but more likely it’s in your drainage system.

Video pipe inspection services

Our bath tub is clogged with grout.  Will running hot water and using a snake fix it?

Hot water will not remove grout in your drain lines.  Grout is designed to set up under wet conditions. You will need a professional like Drain Visions to clear the line.

Both of our bathroom sinks drain slow and water come up in the other sink.  Why? 

Two lines are connected on one branch line before it goes into the main drain.   Always keep the following in mind when working with a bathroom drain. Soap scum and hair can become a problem as they thicken within the drain lines.  Drain Visions recommends preventive maintenance to keep the drains flowing.

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