Fall Leaves are Hazardous to Your Drains

As fall is in full force in New Jersey, the storm systems in this area face heavy clogs of underground storm water systems. When leaves are allowed to clog the main drain line, it can affect the entire home. Unlike a simple toilet clog, main sewer lines can back up all the fixtures in your home that are connected to the sewer system. While leaves are the main culprit of sewer line clogs, there are other reasons a home may experience this. When this happens, we begin to see the following impacts from clogged storm systems:

  1. Flooding of homes and local roadways
  2. Contamination of local waterways

In order to prepare for this, annual maintenance of storm water basins and pipes is critical to protecting residents and the environment. In New Jersey the Drain Visions team can develop and create a maintenance plan for municipalities and privately owned properties. As a general rule, a professional plumbing expert such as the experts at Drain Visions, will be required to pinpoint the exact problem. On the other hand, there are five symptoms you should be on the lookout for that may indicate a main drain clog:

  • Plumbing in the home is backed up or clogged
  • Water and waste are overflowing
  • Sewage smell in the bathroom or throughout the home
  • Water or sewage coming up from the basement drain
  • Soggy lawn or foul odors in the yard where the sewer line is located

We address these issues by using a jet vac truck. This piece of equipment allows for both high pressure jetting and vacuuming of catch basins and storm lines leading into the basins. Depending on the situation and factors such as pipe condition, pipe diameter, and other environmental factors, operators use a variety of high pressured nozzles to remove or cut through debris. Water and debris returned to the point of entry are then collected and disposed of according to state regulations, or placed into dumpsters or safe dumping area that will not allow for recontamination.

If your municipality or private business is experiencing storm drain problems, we are here to help at Drain Visions. Our team takes full responsibility in protecting the New Jersey Environment and assisting our customers with storm water management.

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