Pumpkin Carving is Fun, but Not for Your Drains

During the Halloween and Fall season, people will dispose of millions of pounds of the guts and seeds from the pumpkins they bake and carve. In 2019 Americans spent $9 Billion on pumpkins and the average American homeowner also spent nearly $5000 on home repairs!

Once that pumpkin pulp begins to harden in your drain, store bought tools and drain cleaners aren’t enough, making it almost impossible to fix the issue without professional assistance. We all enjoy making the Jack-o-lanterns and having the coolest and scariest ones in our neighborhoods, but be extra careful not to cause a drain clog with pumpkin waste.

Your Halloween festivities will take a turn for the worse if you need to call a drain service company because of a back up. Drain Visions specializes in clogged garbage disposals and backed up kitchen sink drains. Scary creations might create a scary drain clog!

The insides of the pumpkins, also known as pulp, are sticky, stringy, and of course filled with seeds. This type of material is hard on your garbage disposal and will cause a back up. As the slimy pumpkin guts harden in your drain, the pumpkin debris will harden and choke off your drain allowing little water to pass. Luckily for you Drain Visions has all the equipment needed to rectify any backup that turns your Halloween scarier than planned. Our hydro jetting service can blast that pumpkin clog away.

Tips for Keeping Drain Lines Clear for Carving:

  1. Place a layer of newspaper or towels down. This  makes cleaning up easier and keeps tables and floors clean!
  2. Scoop up the guts in newspaper and toss them away, saving your seeds!
  3. Before beginning, set up a bucket with water (or use an outside hose) to rinse pulp off of hands and carving tools.
  4. NEVER place pulp, seeds or pumpkin carking material in drains, sinks or toilets!

Keep your plumbing and drains safe this year! Help protect the environment too when carving pumpkins. Avoid a scary drain backup by keeping pumpkin material away from the sink. As mentioned above, set up an outdoor water source to rinse pulp off, and place a barrier down ahead of time for easy cleanup. Try a new pumpkin recipe and maybe start composting or recycling pumpkins in your community. However you celebrate Halloween, if a plumbing nightmare is haunting you, Drain Visions is here to help!

If you’re hearing scary noises coming from your drains or having an unpleasant odor don’t hesitate to call us to address the issue before it ends up costing a lot more money. Instead of washing the matter down the drain, collect it and compost it in your yard or add it to your trash.

Happy Halloween from the Drain Visions Team!

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