Tips for Avoiding a Halloween Drain Clog

During the Halloween and Fall season, people will dispose of millions of pounds of the guts and seeds from pumpkins to bake and carve.  We all enjoy making the Jack-o-lanterns and having the coolest and scariest ones of your Philadelphia or New Jersey neighborhood. Be extra careful not to cause a drain clog with pumpkin waste.

The not so fun part of Halloween is when you may need to call a drain service company. Drain Visions specializes in clogged garbage disposals and backed up kitchen sink drains. Scary creations might create a scary drain clog!

The insides of the pumpkins also known as pulp, is stringy, sticky, and filled with seeds. This type of material is a scary monster for your disposal. As the slimy pumpkin guts harden in your drain lines, it will choke off your garbage disposal and drain lines. In the event this does happen, Drain Visions has all the equipment to get your drain lines flowing in a timely manner to get your Halloween back on the right track. Our hydro water jetting service can blast that pumpkin clog away!

Don’t start hearing scary noises and having a not so nice smell coming from your garbage disposal when it gets clogged. Instead of costing yourself unnecessary time and money, why not create a compost pile to dispose of all the pumpkin guts or just simply throw them in the garbage?

Have a good start to your holiday season on a safer note for your drain lines and garbage disposal.

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