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Drain Visions is highly qualified to assist in all clinical and non-clinical space. Our certified sewer and drain technicians understand infection control, patient privacy, and accountability.

Drain and Plumbing Issues Pose Risks

Sewer backups, septic issues and clogged drain lines pose a particular hazard for infection, promoting microbial growth and serving as a source for antibiotic resistant pathogens, and healthcare-associated infections. Hospitals and nursing homes utilize advanced plumbing systems and are often overlooked for issues within the New Jersey Health Care System.

Just like hospital systems in New Jersey, Adult and Children Nursing Care Facilities require the same advanced sewer, septic, and stormwater management. The CDC considers it essential that hospitals and nursing homes have a management program that is effective in limiting harmful organisms in their plumbing from growing and spreading in their facility.


Drain Visions’ highly qualified and expert technicians will respond quickly to meet with your clinical or maintenance team to discuss the problem. We’ll initiate a swift action plan to resolve any issues at hand. We do this by providing the following services:

Video Inspection

Drain Visions uses state of the art high-resolution video camera equipment to zoom down drain lines, offering a detailed underground or above ground view of any sewer or plumbing lines in question.

Hydro Water-Jetting

The Drain Visions team will utilize sophisticated, high pressure water-jetting equipment to blast through any obstruction or blockages. We then will vacuum out any lines that are causing issues with proper flow.

Line Tracing & Location

In conjunction with our video pipe inspection and hydro-water jetting services, we utilize highly sensitive and accurate plumbing line locators to trace and follow the camera which provides depth and exact location.

In addition to the three main services above, Drain visions also offers:

  • Drain Cleaning – the ability to use industrial based sewer cleaning machines to roto-rooter out the drain or sewer line.
  • Pump Management – We provide knowledge and maintenance on existing pumps and pump stations, including sewer muncher pumps.
  • Preventative Maintenance – We conduct, perform, and use metrics to assist maintenance programs, reducing backups and business disruption.

We at Drain Visions know that system disruptions, pressure drops, obstruction, blockages and main breaks are all factors that can impact the quality of water within a hospital or nursing care facility.

Proper routine inspection coupled with preventative maintenance with representatives from the Drain Visions and facilities staff is encouraged.

Hospitals, nursing care facilities and healthcare systems are often living with issues that are often unseen . Proper attention to these systems is highly critical to address problems in advance to maintain proper operation of the systems.

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