We all have seen the advertisements for quick and easy drain clearing with those liquid drain cleaners.  Unfortunately, these types of cleaners can cause more harm than good when trying to clear that stubborn clog.

Tips for Liquid Drain Cleaners:

  • Hydrochloric acid and other acidic ingredients in these cleaners can eat away at your pipes while sitting in your drain lines. The erosion can be even worse in some of the older pipes.   Don’t take the chance of damaging the condition of your pipes.
  • If you don’t take safety precautions, such as gloves, liquid drain cleaners can burn your skin. When some chemical combinations are used to clear your drain clog, it can be harmful to inhale, as well as irritating to your eyes and nose.  Leave these jobs to the professional drain cleaners.
  • If a professional drain cleaner works on your drain line after you’ve attempted to fix the problem by putting the chemical drain cleaner in your lines, there is a danger to that technician.
  • Liquid drain cleaners may only be a temporary fix. When you have a more serious problem in your drain lines, these cleaners will not work to resolve the problem.  If you have a broken pipe or sewer back up, chemical drain cleaners will not help.  Call Drain Visions, LLC to have your problem diagnosed properly.

Don’t chance causing your drain lines more damage by using liquid chemical cleaners. Contract Drain Visions, LLC 856-848-1199 to obtain your no obligation free estimate to have your drain cleaned professionally. Alternatively CLICK HERE for a free estimate.

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