Recently, Drain Visions LLC responded to an emergency drain clog call in Woodbury New Jersey. During the conversation with the home owner, it was determined that their kitchen sink was clogged!

After a brief overview with the home owner, our trained technicians conducted a job site assessment and determined that the kitchen sink plumbing ran down a pvc stack to the basement, which transitioned to cast iron piping under the basement floor, leading to the main sewer line.

After several hours of snaking the kitchen sink line, the technicians utilized the video pipe inspection equipment and locator to determine that there was a break in the piping. The home owner worked with a local plumber in Southern New Jersey to repair the damaged pipe.

Drain Visions recommends having a video pipe inspection completed during the inspection phase of purchasing a home. We can use our specialized drain cameras and locators to rule out any damage or expensive repairs that would be needed.

Call us today at 856-848-1199 to discuss video pipe inspections for home purchases!

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