Inspect Your Home’s Plumbing Lines Before You Buy!

Purchasing a property or home is a daunting process with many factors to consider. As you move through the home buying process, you often forget about some often overlooked things such as the main sewer line leading into the home. Most home buyers simply want to close on the property quickly without delays or problems.

The experts at Drain Visions can help relieve anxiety through the inspection process. With over 75 years of combined experience in sewers our video pipe inspections help save home owners from expensive repairs when they close on a new home. We’ll locate lines, perform a thorough inspection, and identify any trouble spots ahead of time.

New home video pipe inspection of sewer lines can:

  • Determine an approximate condition of the sewer line
  • Provide zoom and locate technology to enhance customer video of the pipe
  • Analyze damage to the integrity of the pipe
  • Save you thousands of dollars

After a video pipe inspection is completed, we provide a copy of a USB and written report that will allow for you to have knowledge to take to the realtor. During the inspection period you are able to negotiate and make decisions about the home. Often times you can request the line to be repaired as a contingency to close on the property. Give us a call at 856-848-1199 so we can help you in the home buying process.

Our certified and experienced technicians will use a drain camera to inspect all house drain & sewer lines by using zoom technology. This will help visualize the sewer line and also allow us to provide an exact location of any potential problems.

After pinpointing any issues we will then use a sewer cleaning machine to run a sewer snake to unclog any lines. We may also use a high pressure water jetting machine to blast the line clean as well. Our main goals are to provide the homeowner with reassurance that any drain issues have been resolved. In addition this will potentially save money by avoiding any expensive repairs.

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