We all have been there. A young child sticks a toy in the toilet and now the toilet is backing up into the bathroom. Your first instinct may be to replace the toilet. However, Drain Visions has experience with objects in toilets and can help save you time and money.

When a object clogs and overflows a toilet or sink, two things may happen. First the object may be lodged in the immediate internal piping of the sink or toilet. Drain Visions can use video pipe inspection equipment to confirm the location of the object and work to retrieve the item.

The second area of concern is when the object actually makes it into the main sewer line. This object can become lodged in the line and cause backups. Though this may not clog initially, toilet paper and wipes may get stuck. The sewer backup usually occurs at the most inconvenient time.

Drain Visions is trained in object removal. We have removed toys and wedding rings from sewer pipes and lines. Our advanced video camera and locating equipment will allow for us to work hard to clear the line and retrieve the item.

Call us today to discuss the object in your toilet. We can help!

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