Drain Visions Jetting & Vacuuming

Drain Visions professionals use two systems of cleaning – jetting and vacuuming. Jet and vacuum trucks are two of our most important pieces of equipment all in one package.

Efficient and Convenient

Drain Visions often uses a hydro jetter to clean blockages and clean drain lines that snaking may not be best suited for. The hydro jetter uses high pressure water to scrub the insides of the drain line or pipe. The vacuum portion of this piece of equipment is used to vacuum up debris in the drain entry area as well as what the hydro jetter brings back while in operation.

Depending on the situation and factors such as pipe condition, pipe diameter, and other environmental factors, operators use a variety of high pressured nozzles to remove or cut through debris. Water and debris returned to the point of entry are then collected and disposed of according to state regulations.


Drain Visions’ Jet-Vac trucks gives you the capabilities and features you need for your specific job. With both jetting and vacuuming working together, cleaning of sewer line systems is more convenient, quicker and efficient as compared to a single process.


Our trucks are well equipped and ready to service all cleaning needs in residential housing applications. These include single family homes as well as community residences, townhomes and condos.


Drain Visions has extensive experience in providing effective solutions to commercial properties and industrial applications. These include restaurants, entertainment facilities, offices and grocery stores.


The team at Drain Visions can also provide professional jet-vac services for various municipalities and official facilities. These would include buildings, hospitals, township complexes, and schools and universities.

We know how a sudden back up may cause stress, anxiety, and in some cases thousands upon thousands of dollars in emergency services. This is why Drain Visions has taken the initiative to schedule and cater your maintenance needs through our preventative maintenance program. We have the ability to assess the need if any for a PM service as well as a recommended frequency for such things to happen.

The Jet-Vac combo truck can be used for residential, municipal, industrial, and commercial applications. Call Today! If the Jet-vac isn’t the right piece of equipment for your project, we have other equipment that is.

We provide jet-vac services for many different applications. Some situations are unique and additional applications may include:

  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Car Wash Pits
  • Exterior Grease Traps
  • Truck Loading Docks
  • Flooded Parking Lots
  • Elevator Shafts and Sump Pits
  • Vortex Systems
  • Sewage Injection Pits
  • Pool Filter Sand Removal

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