Drain Visions, LLC continues to move forward with technology to better equip our customers. Our new QuickView camera outperforms any other main line inspection camera on the market at a 1/3 of the time as a track camera.

When inspecting storm and sanitary drain lines the QuickView camera views lengths from 100–350’ in 6–60” diameter in storm and sanitary drain lines. With this technology, Drain Visions team members can provide rapid, cost effective, and complete surveys of underground infrastructures. Our trained technicians can assist municipalities to inspect pipelines, manholes and tanks from street level to prioritize maintenance issues for Municipalities.

Drain Visions Video Pipe Inspection

Drain Visions can provide the Department of Transportation the ability to assess culvert and storm pipe condition with minimal traffic interruptions. QuickView is considered a contractor’s best friend that can help to survey pipe conditions before bidding services and work. Towns utilize QuickView to identify maintenance issues, no need to enter confined space areas, and to inspect critical infrastructure.

A few reasons why the Quickview is preferred:

:  Risks are lessened since it eliminates confined space entry and minimizes time spent in high traffic zones

Cost savings and speed:  There is quicker diagnostic time to resolve the issues in a more timely manner.  Why preclean pipe that isn’t necessary?  Quickview the lines first.

The unit is equipped with a powerful optical zoom, which gives it the capabilities of illuminating further while measuring distances.  The camera can deliver fine sidewall picture details from deep inside pipes.

This technology reduces time, risk, and produces solid results for Drain Visions Customers.

Don't Wait! Find out what's lurking in YOUR drain before it's too late!