What is the Sludgehammer?

We combine modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide a biological solution to a biological problem. Need an inexpensive system that can fit in a limited space? SludgeHammer® installs anywhere—even in existing tanks without damage to the site.

And, SludgeHammer’s® end product is clear water that can be used for irrigation or introduced right back into the water table. Our simple, but effective systems are environmentally safe and easy to install. A SludgeHammer® system can process wastewater at half the cost and energy consumption of our leading competitors and uses only 60 watts of power—literally pennies a day. Our systems are easy to maintain with only a quick, yearly check-up recommended. No moving parts, no landscape damage, no odors.

A New Solution to an Old Problem

Wherever you find people and water, you’ll find wastewater. And where you find wastewater, you’ll find the headaches that go along with maintaining septic systems. The EPA estimates that 95% of all septic system failures are caused by clogging from colonies of bacteria that journey to the disposal field producing soil-clogging slime called biomat. Eliminate this biomat and you extend the life of your system and drastically reduce the need for septic tank pumping or budget-busting septic field replacement—the problem conventional septic systems cause.


Enter the SludgeHammer®, a patented Aerobic Bacterial Generator that stimulates the growth of a specialized and helpful bacteria right in your septic tank. Once the SludgeHammer® is installed, the SludgeHammer® Blend of micro-organisms immediately begin digesting wastes. The aggressive bacteria migrate into the septic field where they consume the biomat that clogs the soil. The digestion is so complete that the need for pumping your septic system is virtually eliminated.

Available for Residential and Commercial applications:

New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Delaware - New York - Maryland - Virginia



  • Repairs failed septic fields
  • Fits into any tank and system
  • No field replacement
  • No landscape destruction
  • Eliminates odors
  • Environmentally safe
  • No moving parts
  • Effluent can be used for landscape irrigation
  • Low maintenance/low cost
  • Uses the same energy as a 60 watt light bulb


  • Septic odor
  • Failed septic fields
  • Standing water
  • Slow toilets
  • Frequent pumpouts
  • Soft spots in your lawn

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