Servicing Your Pumps to Prevent Sewer and Storm Issues

Drain Visions South Jersey Drain Pump RepairAre Drain pump repair services what you need? Did you know that sewage and storm pumps need preventative maintenance to help prolong the life of the systems in New Jersey? Without the proper care, sewage and storm pumps can cause major problems and disruption to services. There are a lot of facilities which include pumps and equipment for pumping fluids. Sewage pumps are used for different purposes such as removal of sewage to processing sites and supplying of water. Sewage pumps are able to handle a lot of water in less time. They are essential and cost effective in handling wet waste and unwanted water.

Most sewage pumps are designed to handle some solid waste with the ability to push liquid and generally pull minimal power. Sewage pumps can also be broken down into grinder pumps. Grinder pumps are always sewage pumps and are often confused on their purpose. Grinder pumps have a cutting mechanism that work to slice larger items into smaller pieces to move through the system.

Drain Pump Repair is Critical

Homes that are located outside of city or town sewer systems rely on septic systems for waste. Common septic systems require a good sewage pump to move a home’s wastewater to the septic tank. Unlike sump pumps, which move only water, sewage pumps can move wastewater containing solids. The best sewage pumps feature powerful motors that can move up to 10,000 gallons of wastewater per hour to the septic tank or the main sewage drain. They feature durable cast-iron construction that can hold up in the murky environment of a wastewater basin.

Drain Visions Drain Pump Maintenence

However, each of these systems require, at minimum, annual maintenance. In New Jersey, Drain Visions’ staff utilize our pump and mechanical experience to work on and repair pump systems. Some pumps are also designed so that you can easily swap out pieces that wear out before the motor does. Typically, this is the float that operates the sewage pumps automatic on/off switch. Also affected is the power cord, both of which can eventually degrade.

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