When a main sewer line clogs at a residence, the first thing Drain Visions will do is send out experienced technicians. Our trained professionals will look for an outside clean out. This clean out will allow a technician to use a drain snake or hydro water jetter to clean the main sewer line.


In cases where Drain Visions are unable to locate a clean out, the next step would be to see if a toilet can be removed inside the home. This is only possible if the technician can reach the clog from the pulled toilet.

Clean outs can also be installed to allow for easier access. This can help with clearing the clog and future maintenance on the main sewer line.

Drain Visions offers sewer clean-outs, visual inspections and line locating services. We are the trusted and recommended drain cleaning company in South Jersey.

Call Drain Visions today to discuss clogged main sewer lines: 856-848-1199

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