Orangeburg Pipe Plague – What is Orangeburg Pipe?

If you reside in Southern New Jersey, you may be plagued by the Orangeburg Pipe Pandemic. No it’s not COVID-19, but it can cause havoc with your home. Orangeburg sewer pipe, often found in Gloucester County, Salem County, Camden County and Atlantic County New Jersey, is made of wood pulp fibers which are compressed with an adhesive. Liquified coal is used to coat the piping. Most Orangburg sewer pipe was developed between 1890’s and 1970. After 1970 sewer line pipes were replaced with PVC. Orangeburg pipe has a proven track record of failing around 10 years.

Why is Orangeburg Pipe a Failure?

When the fibers begin to break down, the pipe will slowly over time collapse. This makes prime opportunity for tree roots and other dirt and debris to make its way into the pipe. Amazingly, there is still an estimated 50 percent of customers in the New Jersey area that still have Orangeburg piping.

How can I identify if I have Orangeburg Pipe?

The Drain Visions team has the ability to use zoom technology with our CCTV Sewer Camera and locating systems. New Jersey is a prime area for Orangeburg and we come equipped to handle any Orangeburg emergency.

What if I have Orangeburg?

This questions comes up a lot when we are on location with customers and we identify Orangeburg sewer pipe. It is important to use the video technology to check the integrity of the sewer pipe. This allows for us to review joints and any concerns for backups.

Will I need to replace the Orangeburg?

Camera technology will answer this question for you. All videos performed allow for the customer to watch, receive a copy of the video, and also report what the video found. If the line appears to be heavily damaged, we would recommend a replacement.

Can the team at Drain Visions replace my sewer?

Yes! Our dedicated team can replace and maintain your sewer line. We guarantee all work and will also perform maintenance on the line for you.

When should I call the team at Drain Visions of New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware?

Call us any time. We are here to help and can provide a free quote over the telephone for our services.

Do you offer discounts?

That is a great question. We offer discounts for medical staff, teachers, firefighters, military, and senior citizens.
Call team Drain Visions of New Jersey and Philadelphia! Our tram services the tri-state area including Philadelphia, Delaware, And New Jersey. Additionally, we carry zoom camera technology on our vehicles to ensure that all lines are free and clear before we leave our job site.

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