Your garbage disposal wreaks havoc on your drain lines. Read about what types of foodstuffs you should not be putting down your disposal and drain below. It could wind up saving you thousands in drain clog clearing in South Jersey.

Garbage Disposal Guidelines

  1. Egg shells – The shell’s stringy membrane can wrap around your disposal and eventually cause you to have a drain clog.  Shells can be very harmful to your garbage disposal.
  2. Grease – It’s never a good idea to pour grease, fat, and oil down the drain. The grease solidifies over time!  As it also solidifies in your drain line, it will begin to cause a clog in your drain.
  3. Bones – Bones are another thing that should never be put down your disposal for the obvious reason
  4. Pits – A lot of fruits, such as peaches or cherries, have pits that will not pass through your disposal
  5. Pasta, rice, potatoes – Starchy foods can begin to clog your pipes over time. Even the skins should be thrown in the trash
  6. Coffee Grounds – Over time the coffee grounds cause wear and tear on your disposal blades
  7. Stringy, fibrous foods – Foods with stringy foods like celery, pumpkins, corn husks, etc will wrap around the blades and will not pass through the disposal. They have potential of breaking your garbage disposal.

When things that shouldn’t be put through your garbage disposal are attempted, you have the possibility of not only clogging your drain lines, you could also damage your garbage disposal.   Any questions, or have a possible issue, call Drain Visions, LLC for a no obligation estimate 856-848-1199 Please click HERE to receive a free quote.


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