As spring time approaches, tree roots begin to grow. While most home owners are not impacted by tree roots, some of us experience a clogged sewer line. Flowers are growing and the toilets are not flushing.

When this happens, the first thing to do is immediately call a drain service technician. Drain Visions has experienced technicians available 24/7. We will arrive on location and help diagnose your problem. After speaking with you, we will use a sewer machine to attempt a sewer cleaning. The purpose of this cleaning is to remove tree roots and have your sewer line flowing again.

With our commercial grade sewer machine, we utilize a cutter blade that circles the inside of the sewer pipe attempting to clear the clog. As the blade is reversed back into the sewer machine, the technician takes notes of the roots.

At this point, if your line is clear, we would recommend a video pipe inspection to confirm how much damage the roots have done. This vide pipe inspection of the pipe will allow for you to see where the roots have entered the pipe and if a repair is needed. If a repair is not needed at the current time, a maintenance program can be performed on the sewer line to reduce cost. Repairs can be costly, while maintenance programs can help save money.

Call for any root problems so we can help keep the roots in the dirt and out of your sewer line.

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