Underground utilities pose a threat to contractors, landscapers, public works and other personnel who need to perform planned or unplanned digs. These scenarios are present at businesses, public spaces, and residential environments.

How to Eliminate the Danger

Prior to any digging or excavating on private property, you should mark out any utilities that are present on the property. These can be electrical, gas, water, sewer, internet, cable, and telephone lines.   In New Jersey, prior to any digging you must call 8-1-1 to have the major utility companies provide mark outs.

Additional to these markouts, Drain Visions has the ability to conduct markouts on other areas of your property, additional to what 8-1-1 has provided. We utilize new edge technology in three ways, active line tracing, passive line tracing, and sond locating. These methods allow for identifying, tracing, and providing depth locations of the underground utilities.


Drain Visions offers several methods of expert underground line location. Our cutting-edge equipment and highly-trained personnel will use the techniques described below to accurately locate and map any underground lines for you.

Active Line Tracing

Active line tracing  detects signals generated by a line transmitter, that can energize a target line with a tracing signal in three ways: Direct Connect (metal-to-metal contact), with an Inductive Clamp, or using the transmitter’s internal transmitting antenna through Induction. Precise location will be traced and provided.

Passive Line Tracing

Passive Line Tracing involves tracing signal energy from nearby sources such as AC power lines, radio and TV broadcasting signals, and electrical devices that have been coupled onto buried utilities. Passive Line Tracing does not require a transmitter and can easily be searched for on any property location.

Sonde Locating

Sondes come in different shapes and sizes and are used to locate non‑conductive pipes and conduits. Some are floated down a line and others are attached to the end of a metal or fiberglass push cable. All Drain Vision camera reels have a Sonde installed inside or just behind the camera head on the push cable.

We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how the Drain Visions team can assist you with underground utility locating. Remember to follow 8-1-1 guidelines when digging but to also take the next step. Allow our team to come scan your property for additional utilities that may not be marked out by the 8-1-1 service. This is perfect for contractors, landscapers, and DIY projects to ensure that there are no underground risk that can cause injury or death. Our team is here to help you for all your underground utility needs.

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