Benefits of Video Inspection Technology

Several advancements are available in video inspection technology. Our trained technicians with being up to date with latest in technology for video pipe inspections are able to detect and locate the source of all drainage issues within a quicker time frame. All of our video inspection cameras have built in sounds for locating the point of interest.

We insert a small video camera into your drains we can have a complete view of the inside of your sewer line. In addition, we use real time monitors on-site. We currently have a video inspection camera that can video in drain lines as little as ¾” in diameter. You will see the entire line leading from the trap to the sewer line, and any obstructions.  If the camera can push through the blockage, it may continue to the township line. Furthermore, our reports will provide after the video pipe inspection is performed will include videos on usb flash drives.

Along with the video documentation our reports will provide depth readings. Also, they will show us the entire system to look for potential issues. We can also more precisely locate a known issue. This type of technology allows us to find hidden problems. They can only be diagnosed with video inspection cameras. Once we pinpoint the cause of the problem, we can more precisely provide you with the most cost effective and beneficial way to perform the repair.

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