What About that Drain Odor?

Just about every structure has a drain, a majority of people all have or use drains in some way. Over time, both residential and commercial debris will build up in drain lines that may lead to odor coming back into the office space or living space. This is mainly due to the drain not properly maintained or if the original plumbing design wasn’t designed or installed correctly. In these instances you will most likely want to schedule a professional drain line clearing.

What’s Causing the Clogged Drain?

Hair, food, grease and other debris makes their way down the drain lines along with food and of course water. Bacteria as well as fungi simultaneously begin to grow and use the trapped foodstuffs as energy sources for their metabolism. Microorganisms release multiple gases as a by-product of their respiration. It is these gases that you smell as the odor is released. Typically these gases consist of sulphur and methane. When bacterial organisms are allowed to grow anaerobically (without oxygen) nitrates, sulfates and carbon dioxide are consumed to produce hydrogen and sometime ammonia, another strong smelling gas. Often an unpleasant and unexpected odor will be present in some common areas.

The laundry areas of residential homes and bathrooms in commercial buildings are a few common areas you may find these types of odors. Occasionally you may also encounter sewer gases as they can rise up from your plumbing system and re-enter the home or building in the absence of a “trap”. In these cases, a trap should be installed to prevent serious issues.

What Does a Drain Trap Do?

A plumbing trap is used to prevent odors from making their way back into the occupied space. They area found all over in may different applications. Most recognizably, you will see them under your kitchen or bathroom sink. If  you see a trap in these places, these also catch debris such as grease, food, and hair and should be maintained every so often. It is a good practice to have these lines and traps inspected on a regular basis to prevent bigger problems in the future. The presence of detectable smells and odors are the first symptom of a failing system.

Backed-up Drains and Clogged Lines

If you notice the next time your in a public bathroom look at the drain on the floor, there will be water in there below ground level, this is to prevent odor from coming back into the restroom. If you believe you have sewer gases in your home or believe there is a sewer smell give Drain Visions a call today to discuss possible options. It’s important to address these problems immediately as they may lead to health risks in addition to plumbing issues.

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